What can be said about Venice? Everything they say about it is true. Venice is a unique, romantic, spectacularly beautiful, mystical and breathtaking city.

Venice can be the subject of a separate website, community or web portal. It’s a really unique city with its own unique way of life and its own spirit.
Venice is a city of an unspeakable beauty.

I advise everyone who is interested in this city to spend at least a few days there. According to all traditional guide-books one of which I used during the trip Venice has ten major sights. How much time do you think does it take a person to see all the sights? Let’s say it takes him six hours. And this is just the average time most of the tourists spend in Venice.

To my mind it’s a rather glaring mistake becausre the whole Venice is like one big sight. Everything in the city is beautiful including pigeons in St. Mark’s Square, the Grand Canal, the islands of Murano and Burano and also thousands and thousands of houses, gondolas, bridges, statues, churches, people, pigeons and seagulls.
It is preferable to book a hotel for you to have an opportunity to enjoy the city with its wonderful sunrises, sunsets and nights. Is it really impossible to see everything in Venice? Even if you don’t have any possibility to stay at least a night in Venice you must see the following most important sights.

The Grand Canal is one of the main sights and also the major water-traffic corridor in the city. During a boat tour you can admire spectacular views of the city such as beautiful buildings each side of the canal, the Rialto Bridge and others. During one single travel by Vaporetto I managed to take more than 100 wonderful pictures.

St. Mark’s Square is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Thousands of tourists flock to the square in order to admire its beauty, to feed the pigeons or attend one of the numerous cafes. One of the most exciting peculiarities of the sight is that nearly every evening it becomes flooded. We witnessed ourselves the water puddles appearing over the whole square just in a few minutes. Another sight that remained in our memory was the Clock tower located on the corner of the square.

It is known that in 1902 the San Marco Clock tower crashed down but later it was rebuilt. Nowadays the tower is one of the city’s recognizable landmarks. It costs 10 euro to climb the tower but it’s worth it as the tower offers a magnificent view of the whole city.

The other dominant building around St. Mark’s Square is the Doge’s Palace. It was formerly the residence of the old rulers of Venice. The palace offers a few types of tours.

St. Mark’s Basilica is the major and the most beautiful church in Venice. You may choose either an exterior or interior observation or you may climb it up.

The Bridge of Sighs is a famous bridge that passes over the Rio di Palazzo and connects the former prison to the Doge’s Palace. The bridge name comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window when they were taken from the prison to the court. Today the bridge is considered to be one of the major sights and the most photographed place in Venice.

The Rialto Bridge
And now I’d like to give you a little practical tip concerning the Rialto Bridge. It is preferable to visit the sight at sunset. With an ordinary snapshot camera you will manage to take photos worthy of being printed by any popular glamour magazine. Small restaurants add a touch of excitement to the wonderful atmosphere of the bridge. I recommend attending one of them though they are quite expensive. As for us we didn’t regret it at all.

Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is one of the most beautiful and exciting sights in Venice. The exterior and interior walls are decorated with carving and coloured marble mosaic that according to the legend remained after construction of St. Mark’s Basilica.
Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo also called San Zanipolo is one of the largest churches in Venice. The construction of the modern building of the church was finished in 1430. Due to its magnificent facade it is considered to be one of the major sights of the city. The city hospital is currently housed in the building.

The Murano Island
Venice is surrounded by a number of islands and Murano is one of the most interesting among them. The island is famous for its numerous glassmakers. On Murano you can attend a glass blowing show and buy a few expensive glass things. But there are also free glass blowing shows on the island.

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We were really reluctant to leave the place and take our train to Milan!

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