If you look at the map it may seem to you that Sirmione is a small village located on a small peninsula on Lake Garda. But that’s not true. To begin with, it’s not possible to reach the town walls on foot and driving through the peninsula will take you more than ten minutes.

In Sirmione, unlike all other cities, apart from the traffico limitato sign there is an auto barrier at the entrance of the town and only people who have permission can enter. So we were not afraid of driving the wrong way and in five minutes we found ourselves on the parking lot which is right at the town walls.

Some history – In XIII century the town was ruled by the Verona Scaligers. That is why their name is associated with the building of the impressive Scaliger Castle. From 1405 to 1797 Sirmione was under the reign of the Venetian Republic and during that period the Venetian garrison was housed in the Castle. I strongly recommend not only viewing it and taking photos from outside but ascending it.

There is also an impressive old fortification right on Lake Garda. The fortification is very beautiful outside but it is worth getting to the top where you can enjoy a wonderful view. You should also take a walk along the narrow town streets and visit one of the numerous pizzerias and ice-cream shops.

After having a snack and some wine we were attracted by the boat rental service just at the entrance to the town. It’s quite expensive and cost 60 euro per hour. It may be a fearful experience for beginners but it’s worth trying. Firstly, it will add some action to your pastoral trip. Secondly, if you take a boat in Sirmione you will get an amazing opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the town and the fortification from the lake.

The weather turned a bit for the worse and that is why the photos appeared to be not very bright. As for impressions we still remember them very clearly.

But let’s go forward as the Alps are waiting for us!

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