We arrived in Milan just at the end of our trip. I would like to start my story about Milan with general impression of the city. I cannot say whether it was because of sharp contrast with Venice or because we felt tired at the end of our trip but I expected more from Milan.

I cannot say that Milan lacks any charm and that there is nothing to do there. But if you are going to devote most of your time to shopping you do not need to stay in Milan more than twenty four hours. In contrast to Venice or romantic villages on Lake Garda Milan seemed a rather dull business city.

In Milan we stayed at the Hotel Cristallo. That standard 3-star hotel with small but rather comfortable rooms was located just a stone’s throw from the central railway station.

The city of Milan is known primarily for the Duomo.

It is a real masterpiece of art constructed of thousands of units. The Duomo is worth seeing outside and inside and also climbing up using stairs or an elevator. As for us we chose an elevator though it was more expensive.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a shopping mall located right near the Duomo. It contains the most popular boutiques such as Prada, Gucci and others. As for us we contented ourselves with having dinner in local McDonalds.

So what of it? It was nice…

The La Scala opera house is a rather dull building. But the fact of its widest popularity gives particular importance to it.

The Sforzesco Castle

It’s well worth walking for an hour or so around it.
The central park

The park is located right behind the castle. It’s a beautiful place that deserves special attention.
San Siro stadium

I highly recommend attending it to football fans. The museum and the tour around the stadium are not as popular as at the Camp Nou but nevertheless it deserves attention.

Milan was the last destination of our trip around Northern Italy. Shuttles run every half-hour between the railway station and the Malpensa airport.

More photos of Milan

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