Mantova is a fortress city surrounded by lakes and located about 40 kilometers south of Verona.
Just before you enter the city you will be very impressed by a breathtaking panorama with beautiful lakes and interesting town walls and towels. Unfortunately I didn’t stop to take photos of those amazing views though it was certainly worth doing.

In Mantova we were lucky to find parking. As required by law you have to leave your car on one of the out-of-town parking lots and then take a bus running to the town. As for us we passed the town walls and saw that the famous traffico limitato started 20 metres of the town entrance. Luckily there was one free space at the white and blue edge of the road. We paid 1.5 euro and got the opportunity to walk freely around the town.

We started our tour around the town with the famous Mantova Cathedral (Duomo di Mantova) and an amazing large square in front of it. You will find it very pleasant to walk around the town. You can meet a lot of tourists though they are much less numerous than for example in Verona. In every square and around every corner you can see something worth seeing such as a new and very interesting church, a towel, a fountain or just original window frames.

Like many other cities and towns in North Italy, Mantova has its unique atmosphere. We liked it very much and we’ll never forget it. To sum up, I can say that the town is worth visiting and spending one or two hours there.

Let us continue our trip in Borghetto.

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