The most exciting thing the day was remarkable for was the fact that we managed to feel the unique atmosphere of Italy. Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine a small Italian town on Lake Garda. Have you succeeded? It’s Malcesine!

Right on the shore of the lake there is a wonderful restaurant with excellent Italian food and ducks and swans just near your table. I can say it was the best restaurant we attended in Italy. In addition you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the Lake Garda. It’s really something unique!

After supper we continued walking around the town. Nearly from every restaurant we were passing by we heard the sounds of live music and singing. Dozens of people were sitting in courtyards singing with their hands joined. I don’t know if that is the custom with the Italians or we were just lucky to visit the town on Sunday when everybody was in good mood. You will tell us after you visit the town! A combination of all these things made such a great impression on us that till now thoughts about the town always brings a smile to my face.

Now let’s climb up to Monte Baldo.

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