After a morning walk along the Maggiore quay we went to the next destination called the city of Bergamo. The main problem we faced at the end of a two-hour trip to Bergamo was that there were no parking spaces at all. Every city in Italy has restricted traffic zones (ZTL – traffico limitato). We had to drive around the historical part of the city before we found a parking space in the outskirts.

Bergamo is divided into two parts such as a historic medieval part and a modern part. The modern city is famous for its small restaurants and a large number of representatives of artistic intelligentsia. But it was the historic part of the city that we were interested in. The old town is noted for its main old square with two old beautiful churches, an interesting ancient fountain and a clock tower.

After a walk around the old town we found ourselves in the town market square with another nice clock tower. Also take into account a possibility of a town walls walk as you will enjoy great views of the surrounding green areas. Then we had a snack and made our way to Brescia.

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