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Here you can find some information about us and our website.

We took our trip to Northern Italy in summer 2010. The trip was preceded by a thorough preparation including choice of a hotel, route, destinations and sights to visit.

Firstly, North Italy and outskirts of Lake Garda cover quite a large territory. Secondly, there are so many beautiful, exciting and unique places to visit that you will need to fill every minute of your trip. So, a few hours or even a few days spent home in front of the computer and devoted to creating the route will give you an opportunity to use 100% of your expensive trip time.

In our opinion, the information search process itself is rather exciting. But we are perfectly aware of the fact that rapid pace of life today doesn’t allow people to spend hours searching for information they need. So, we hope that our website will help you create a suitable route of your trip around Northern Italy in the shortest possible time and with much pleasure.

Here is our trip route: Milan (arrival) – Lake Maggiore and Borromean IslandsBergamo and BresciaLake GardaVeronaMantovaThe AlpsVenice – the city of Milan. And we managed to visit all of them in eight days and without any hurry!

So let’s start our trip!

At the same time we know that people have different interests and opportunities. That is why on our website you will find information only about our own trip. So, you will probably have to use another few Web resources in order to create the best route for you. Besides, it is preferable to get information about operating hours of various zoos, churches and historic sites, which will help you avoid disappointments and waste of time and money.

Finally, we would be very glad to receive your reviews and suggestions. Please share your experiences, tips and routes, which will help the website become a companion for those who are going to spend their vacation in Northern Italy and Lake Garda.

Besides, it would be great if you could recommend our website to all of your friends and acquaintances.

It will be a pleasure for us to give answers to all your questions so far as we compile knowledge and experience.

We will be glad to keep in touch with you.

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