A walk on clouds on Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo became one of the highlights of our trip. Monte Baldo is a mountain reachable by cableway from the centre of the nearby town of Malcesine.

We left the car in an underground parking garage and bought tickets for around 18 euro per person. Then we started to wait for the cable car that ran every half hour. The trip up the mountain is breathtaking too as the cabin slowly rotates offering a view of 360°.
On the top you can have two possibilities depending on weather. On a clear day you can enjoy a spectacular view on the whole of the Lake Garda and neighbourhood. The other variant is “a walk on clouds” in the literal sense of the word.

It happened so that we had to choose the second variant but we didn’t regret that at all. You don’t often have a chance to walk on the Alpine clouds, do you? On the top of the mountain after turning to the left you can take a 30-40- minute walk around the whole place. You will certainly enjoy Alpine grasslands, plenty of Alpine cows, flowers, clouds, the purest air and spectacular panorama.

More photos of Monte Baldo

Let’s move to another very exciting place – the Cascata del Varone waterfall.

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